Release NotesΒΆ

Version 2.6
  • JWST module to support both NIRCAM and MIRI coronagraphy. See SpaceKLIP for pipeline capabilities. (Aarynn Carter, Jens Kammerer)
  • New CHARIS instrument tutorial (Minghan Chen)
  • Fix P1640 photutils import issue (Jason Wang)
Version 2.5
  • Add support for RDI for FM classes FMPlanetPSF and MatchedFilter (FMMF) (Jason Wang)
  • Improved error checking for RDI PSF Library before running KLIP (Jason Wang)
  • Update MagAO/VisAO astrometric calibration (William Balmer)
  • Merged get_pickles_model_spectrum() into get_star_spectrum() in spectral_management (Minghan Chen)
  • Improvements and bug fixes in CHARIS instrument module (Minghan Chen)
  • Fixed bug where parallelized.klip_dataset would crash due to insufficient PSFs introduced in Version 2.2 (Jason Wang & Kate Follette)
Version 2.4.1
  • Use pyKLIP version number rather than git commit to track versioning in headers (Jason Wang)
Version 2.4
  • Forward modeling can handle time dependent PSFs now (Jason Wang)
  • Added interface and demo notebook (Robert Thompson)
  • Removed an extra 2x scaling in klip.nan_gaussian_filter() (Jason Wang)
  • Fixed RDI bug where the reference library only has 1 image (Aarynn Carter)
  • Fixed bug in background subtraction in GPIData.generate_psf_cube() (JB Ruffio)
Version 2.3
  • GPI interface improvements: coronagrpahic throughput, updated astrometric calibration, edge cases (Jason Wang, Rob De Rosa)
  • GPI interface: Removed wind butterfly PCA subtraction has it was not effective (JB Ruffio)
  • For PFS library, fixed diagonal elements of correlation matrix (JB Ruffio)
  • Improvements to DiskFM implementation and python > 3.7 compatability (Johan Mazoyer)
  • Fixed bug where pyKLIP crashes if you only have one science frame (Aarynn Carter)
  • Added warning for debug mode, and supressing print statements if not in verbose mode (Jea Adams)
  • Reorganized navigation bar for docs (Jason Wang)
Version 2.2
  • Field dependent throughput to account for changes in the off-axis PSF due to e.g., coronagraphic throughput (Jea Adams)
  • Added verbose flag that can be used to turn off print statements within pyklip (Jea Adams)
  • Various bug fixes (Jason Wang, Johan Mazoyer)
  • Added for explanatory material to docs so that they are more accessible (Jea Adams)
Version 2.1
  • RDI support in forward modeling framework (currently works for DiskFM, support for other FM modules coming) (Johan Mazoyer)
  • GenericData is more feature rich (better saving, automatic wcs generation) (Jason Wang)
  • Minor bug fixes and documentation updates
Version 2.0.1
  • Update Python 3 version to Python 3.6
Version 2.0
  • Forgot to update for a long while. Lots of new changes. A few key summaries below.
  • Forward modeling for planet detection, astrometry, photometry, spectral extraction, and disk forward modeling
  • Support for Keck/NIRC2, Keck/OSIRIS, Subaru/CHARIS, VLT/SPHERE, MagAO/VisAO, and a generic instrument interface for all else
  • Alternative algorithms to KLIP: emperically weighted PCA, non-negative matrix factorization
  • RDI library support
  • Automated tests to ensure correctness of main features
  • Now released on PyPI/pip
Version 1.1
  • Updated installation to be much easier
  • Reorganized repo structure to match standard python repos
  • Improvements to automatic planet detection code
Version 1.0
  • Initial Release
  • Fully-functional KLIP implementation for ADI and SDI
  • Interface for GPI data in both spectral and polarimetry mode
  • Utility functions like fake injection and contrast calculation