pyklip.kpp.detection package


pyklip.kpp.detection.detection module

pyklip.kpp.detection.detection.point_source_detection(image, center, threshold, pix2as=None, mask_radius=4, maskout_edge=None, maskout_inner_edge=None, IWA=None, OWA=None)[source]

Find the brightest blobs in the image/cube.

  • image – Image from which to get the SNR map

  • center – center of the image (y_cen, x_cen)

  • threshold – Threshold under which blob should be ignore.

  • pix2as – Platescale (arcsec per pixel).

  • mask_radius – Radius of the mask used for masking point sources or the surroundings of the current pixel out of the data. Default value is 4 pixels.

  • maskout_edge – mask a maskout_edge (int) pixels around the outer edge of the FOV containing NaNs.

  • maskout_inner_edge – mask a maskout_inner_edge (int) pixels border around the center nan disk.

  • IWA – inner working angle in pixels.

  • OWA – outer working angle in pixels.


Detection table..

Table containing the list of the local maxima with their info Description by column: [“index”,”value”,”PA”,”Sep (pix)”,”Sep (as)”,”x”,”y”,”row”,”col”] 1/ index of the candidate 2/ Value of the maximum 3/ Position angle in degree from North in [0,360] 4/ Separation in pixel 5/ Separation in arcsec 6/ x position in pixel 7/ y position in pixel 8/ row index 9/ column index

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